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KAI Japanese Language School in Japan

KAI Language School - Learn Japanese in Japan

Japanese courses at our language school in Tokyo

Learn Japanese in Japan - Language school in Tokyo.

The KAI Japanese Language School Japan offers a variety of Japanese courses such as General Japanese Coures, Basic Japanese Course, and Private Japanese lesson.

During the summer time, the school also offers special courses such as Business Japanese Course, Grammar & Conversation Course, and Exam Preparation Course (JLPT).

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Learn Japanese at KAI Language School Japan

Kai Language School in Japan
One of the greatest assets of KAI is the international atmosphere of the school.

with students gathering in one place from more than 50 countries all over the world. Because the KAI Japanese school is so multi-cultural in background, a common respect for other students' culture is nurtured as students begin to communicate with each other in their new appreciated common language, Japanese.

This multinational environment allows our instructors to design interesting programs, which provide ongoing stimuli.

The unique and positive environment at KAI school provides a stage where both teacher and student can enjoy advancing their educational goals.

At KAI Language School Japan, quality standard is assured by the following organizations:

KAI Japanese Language School Japan is accredited by IALC KAI Language School in Japan is accredited of CSN

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